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Sadie’s Place NY is social model adult day service program which does not provide direct medical care. Personal assistance with activities of daily living and grooming with clients is based on individual needs and is determined at the initial consultation with the client and caregivers.
In the event of a medical emergency, we will dial 911 to alert local emergency responders and notify the caregivers. We will share any relevant information during the event to the responders and strongly recommend that caregivers assure all documentation is current to the client’s needs. This would include any community DNR order or Advanced Directive.  

We respectfully maintain the right to prevent attendance in our programs if the client has been ill for any reason and will require a provider’s note stating they are medically cleared to return to our social program. We expect compliance from caregivers with this important rule to prevent any unnecessary and irresponsible risk to our clients and staff. 


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